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how was secretpapi's post racist? it's true. white people are everywhere in media (art, advertisements, books, movies, etc). we can't NOT see white people. white people aren't invisible or underrepresented.

recoveringfrommyconvictions answered:

I won’t deny that other races aren’t represented as much as they should be. HOWEVER, the post is very racist and bigoted to believe that only “white people” are “looking for themselves,” when in reality self actualization as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, is a basic human *need* and isn’t limited to any one race. Also, finding one’s self isn’t anywhere close to being related to racial representation in the media. And to target white people just because people are pissed off at their race for having privileges others do not is an act of racism because folks are judging them by the color of their skin. Stop making this a war between “POC” and “White” people, stop victimizing non-whites and demonizing white people. If folks want to bitch about under representation, do so in a logical manner that not only discusses the issue, but also proposes a solution. Holding anger towards all white people does no good, it doesn’t help in the least, and is massively immature. Instead, get mad at the media-heads, the music and pop culture industries, the people who are actually in control of the problem. Confront them, tell them how to change and fix the issue. That’s how you’ll work towards fixing the issue instead of pushing out more hate and prejudice that the world really doesn’t need.




I didn’t even see this till just now eat my ass honky

Oh, wow. So much logic. My ego, it just hurts. Ouchie.

i wasn’t trying to use logic because it’s kind of pointless to argue with someone who’s gonna use like 10th grade psychology bullshit because they got their feelings hurt over a joke. anyways eat my ass.

a) maslow was a hack and his hierarchy of needs has no empirical basis

b) way to scorn people for making sweeping generalizations and then pretty much absolve all white people who don’t hold significant seats of power in govt, media, private sector, etc. like thats a really typical “its all just the big guys in power, I dont have any control” and thats a fucking lazy attitude that doesnt accomplish anything

also im white, when black people joke about white people, dont ever put it in the same context as white-on-POC racism its a TOTALLY, totally different context

lol “as stated by maslow’s hierarchy of needs” you are clearly 19 years old lololol








like how many times in your life have u heard a black person say something completely ignorant about another culture as though it were fact?

how many times have you heard a bad impersonation of another language?

how many times will you hear a young black person say “ching-ching -chong-chong” to…

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You sound so uneducated I can’t even lmfao first of all I’m Haitian, my culture is already a mixture of African, French, Spanish, Taino, and to lesser extent Arab. I’m a student at Queens college studying anthropology and sociology and I have the deepest respect for learning other cultures from around the world. I’m multilingual, I speak French, Creole, English, Spanish and conversational German and I’ve never mocked other people’s cultures you dipshit. Funny how you think all black people should stop doing this and stop doing that yet you are doing the exact same thing, claiming all black people are exactly alike which is further from the truth. Nigerians are different from African-Americans and African-Americans are different from West Indians. Stop labeling every single one of us like were some type of uneducated moronic uncultured animals asshole. Also, you’re an idiot for trying to pull that “black people are racist to white people” bullshit when you’re black yourself. You really think white people are gonna give two shits about a young black man’s opinion on race especially with an Afro/twists/dreads? Most (not all) will just see you as another nigger, so wake up from that “New Black” shit your sucking from and face reality.

never have i said black people are all alike!

did you take honors classes!


did you take AP?

like….”claiming that all black people ar alike” is just like a basic, generic thing that every person on the internet with some sort of platform and with some sort of class load to reference says!

and you STILL

think that white people hold stereotypes and connotations regarding dreads/twists?

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There are no AP courses in my college, you just move up to courses that can suit your knowledge on the subject, this isn’t high school and why would that even matter? I have a 3.8 GPA little boy and there you go, you did it again. Claiming all black girls are alike just because we’re college educated and outspoken on the internet? lmfao some black girl must’ve hurt you real bad, but not my problem.

ok damn i dont post on this site anymore but you do realize all your responses sounds like you’re filling out a cv or a cover letter, aside from the childish banter you had in the first post. this is the real world, a real argument, I applaud you on getting into school and doing well (I really mean that and I encourage you to keep at it), but like no one gives a shit if you’re studying anthropology or have a 3.8 gpa, that doesnt translate into anything solid, that doesnt give you any real authority. calling a homeless black teen (I understand its an argument, but still) “little boy” while hanging your high gpa and education over his head makes me really question how empathetic you are towards people of a lower class or black people in general

that sort of elitist attitude will never serve any sort of empowering purpose for any group of people