somehow this set passed me by….whys slimzee playing grime in america to this crowd…

Watching this is so awkward they hey have no idea how to dance to the beat and I don’t think any of them are into it

i thought this was a cop

the guy on the right in the thumbnail (wearing HBA) is j-cush, who’s friends with slimzee, and is a seriously grime fanatic who grew up between nyc and london, he organizes all these parties in nyc and he brought slimzee at least once or twice, I saw them go b2b last year in brooklyn. like I dunno yeah people there dont appreciate (no context for them)  slimzee was doing the “B” stage and playing the best shit there for the first few hours, and I’m not even that crazy about grime. kind of trailed on there but yeah this was just to answer OPs question